Annointed Hands is a home and party catering service that is renowned for the quality of the food produced. Specialising in Nigerian and West African cuisine, our food is cooked with family oriented values that are second to none. Once you have tasted any of our meals - you won't want any other!

Our Home Cooking is designed and packaged for busy professionals and parents who are unable to take time out to go shopping and prepare meals on a regular basis. These meals are prepared to the same standard as we would eat in our own homes - no exceptions. Packaged for easy refrigeration, all that required is take out and microwave!

Our Party Cooking is what it says on the label - party food - but with a difference! Food is cooked to the same exacting standard as the home cooking - so party guests enjoy party food but with all the tastes and values of home cooking.

Our Menus are diverse and cater to all tastes - non-spicy, spicy, very spicy and we could have vegetarians too.

We invite you to make an order